Akshay Mehndiratta – It’s time to appreciate nature’s beauty and the welcome respite from the oppressive heat when the blazing summer heat gives way to the refreshing monsoon showers. The monsoon not only revitalizes the environment but also provides the ideal setting for indulging in a few hydrating and refreshing drinks. We’ll look at some delectable monsoon beverages in this blog post to help you stay hydrated and rejuvenated this season. We’ll also hear from Akshay Mehndiratta, a passionate drink aficionado and monsoon enthusiast, to offer a more personal touch.

1. Masala Chai with a Twist

During the monsoon, there’s nothing quite like a hot cup of masala chai to warm you up. The aroma of spices mixed with the earthy flavor of tea creates an irresistible combination. To give it a unique twist, Akshay Mehndiratta suggests adding a pinch of freshly grated ginger and a dash of cardamom to your regular masala chai. These additions not only enhance the taste but also provide numerous health benefits, including improving digestion and boosting immunity.

  1. Watermelon and Mint Slush

Watermelon is a quintessential summer fruit, but its high water content makes it a perfect choice for the monsoon as well. Blend some juicy watermelon chunks with a handful of fresh mint leaves and a squeeze of lime to create a delightful watermelon and mint slush. It’s not only delicious and hydrating but also a great way to beat the humidity. According to Akshay Mehndiratta, the combination of watermelon and mint is both cooling and soothing to the senses.

  1. Spiced Buttermilk (Chaas)

Chaas, a traditional Indian buttermilk drink, is a popular choice during the monsoon. It’s light, refreshing, and easy to digest. To prepare this tangy beverage, mix plain yogurt with cold water and churn it until smooth. Add roasted cumin powder, a pinch of black salt, and some finely chopped coriander leaves for an extra burst of flavor. Akshaymehndiratta loves sipping on spiced buttermilk during the rainy days as it helps maintain electrolyte balance and keeps the body cool.

  1. Herbal Infusions

Monsoon is a time when various seasonal herbs flourish, offering a great opportunity to create herbal infusions. Boil water and add your favorite herbs like lemongrass, basil, or chamomile, and let them steep for a few minutes. These herbal infusions not only taste delightful but also offer numerous health benefits, including relieving stress and boosting the immune system. Akshaymehndiratta is an advocate of using fresh, organic herbs for the best flavor and health benefits.

  1. Iced Green Tea with Lemon

For those who prefer a cooler option, iced green tea with a dash of lemon is an ideal choice. Green tea is rich in antioxidants and can boost metabolism. Brew some green tea, let it cool, and refrigerate it with a few lemon slices for a refreshing twist. According to Akshay Mehndiratta, this drink is a perfect companion during monsoon evenings when you want to sit by the window and enjoy the rain.

  1. Aam Panna: The Tangy Mango Refresher

Enjoy the delicious flavor of Aam Panna as the monsoon offers an abundance of ripe mangoes. In addition to being a tasty way to savor the seasonal fruit, this traditional Indian beverage is a great way to beat the heat and remain hydrated. Green mangoes should be peeled and cooked until tender to make aam panna. To the pulp, add mint leaves, roasted cumin powder, black salt, and a little sugar after you’ve extracted it. It can be cooled in the refrigerator or served with ice cubes. Aam Panna, which Akshaymehndiratta adores for its tangy and cooling flavor, is a superb monsoon companion.

7. Herbal Lemonade with Honey

Although lemonade is a perennial favorite, why not improve its flavor and health advantages by adding some fresh herbs and sugar from natural sources? Add a teaspoon of honey for a light sweetness and some lemon juice to a pitcher of water. Then, for a herbal twist, add some crushed basil or rosemary leaves. In addition to being very refreshing, this herbal lemonade is a fantastic method to strengthen your immune system and take full advantage of the monsoon season. For the purpose of developing distinctive and delectable lemonade variations, Akshay Mehndiratta enjoys experimenting with various herbs.


Embrace the monsoon season by trying out these refreshing and hydrating beverages. Whether you prefer the warmth of masala chai or the coolness of watermelon and mint slush, these drinks will not only keep you hydrated but also tantalize your taste buds. Don’t forget to enjoy the magical moments of the rainy season with your favorite monsoon drink in hand. And as Akshaymehndiratta would say, “Let the raindrops rejuvenate your soul and the drinks rejuvenate your body!”

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