Akshay Mehndiratta : Summer Special Light Meal Ideas From Across India

During the hot summers in India, people are eager to eat cool and tasty food to feel good. Akshay Mehndiratta, who loves food and trying new things, travels across India to taste different summer dishes. In this blog of Akshay Mehndiratta, you will find some foods that you should eat during summer, which will make you happy. Summer […]

Most Popular And Best Dishes In India By Akshay Mehndiratta That You Must Try

India is a country where you can taste a wide variety of famous dishes and you will find many food lovers relishing the delicious flavors. In India, many food bloggers from abroad come to enjoy the famous and delicious food of the country. One such blogger is Akshay Mehndiratta, who loves not only cooking but […]

Top restaurants to visit in 2024 by Akshay Mehndiratta

Akshay Mehndiratta – Delhi, the bustling capital of India, is one region where you will find foodies. Along with the variety of Indian food, residents of Delhi are also experiencing various flavors. From classic Indian cuisine to global cuisine, the city offers an endless exploration of tastes. If you consider yourself a true foodie, discovering […]

Quick & Easy Summer Salad Recipes by Akshay Mehndiratta

Summers bring with it the craving for light, clean food that nourishes the body as well as helps beat the heat. Salads are the perfect solution for those looking for quick, easy and nutritious meals during the summer months. Renowned food lover Akshay Mehndiratta presents a set of his favorite summer salad recipes that are […]

Akshay Mehndiratta: A Culinary Excursion Revealed

In the immense and consistently extending domain of food publishing content to a blog, one name that stands apart is Akshay Mehndiratta. With an unquenchable energy for food and an uncanny capacity to change fixings into culinary works of art, Akshay has cut a specialty for himself in the computerized culinary scene. His excursion from […]

Street Food: Exploring Global Flavors with Akshay Mehndiratta

The tantalizing aroma of sizzling spices, the symphony of sizzling pans, and the vibrant hustle and bustle of street vendors – these are the sights and sounds that define the world of street food. For many travelers, immersing themselves in the street food culture of a city is akin to delving into its soul. One […]

Akshay Mehdiratta – Monsoon beverages keep you hydrated

Akshay Mehndiratta – It’s time to appreciate nature’s beauty and the welcome respite from the oppressive heat when the blazing summer heat gives way to the refreshing monsoon showers. The monsoon not only revitalizes the environment but also provides the ideal setting for indulging in a few hydrating and refreshing drinks. We’ll look at some […]


Akshay Mehndiratta –  Welcome to a savoury tour of ten wonderful homemade soup recipes! Because they provide the ideal harmony of flavours and textures, soups are the definition of sustenance and comfort. Today, we set off on this culinary journey with the accomplished chef Akshay Mehndiratta, who kindly contributed his knowledge and enthusiasm for cooking […]

Akshay Mehndiratta: 15 Delicious Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas

Akshay Mehndiratta – Finding plant-based options that are delicious and filling is crucial for vegans since a wholesome and enjoyable breakfast sets the tone for the entire day. These 15 savoury vegan breakfast ideas will awaken your taste buds and start your morning in the most pleasant way, whether you’re a seasoned vegan or just […]

Akshay Mehndiratta – Rainy Season Fruits in India

Akshay Mehndiratta – The rainy season in India is a time of rejuvenation and renewal, as monsoon rains bring life to the dry land. Along with cool breezes and lush green landscapes, this season also brings with it a delightful array of fruits that are not only delicious but also packed with vital nutrients. In […]