During the hot summers in India, people are eager to eat cool and tasty food to feel good. Akshay Mehndiratta, who loves food and trying new things, travels across India to taste different summer dishes. In this blog of Akshay Mehndiratta, you will find some foods that you should eat during summer, which will make you happy.

Summer Special Light Meal Ideas By Akshay Mehndiratta

Akshay Mehndiratta Summer Special Light Meal Ideas From Across India

Delhi Street Food: Tasty Chaat

Akshay enjoys a variety of street foods when walking through Delhi’s crowded streets, his favorite dish in delhi is chaat. He also like meals like aloo tikki chaat and papdi chaat, which blend sweet, sour, and spicy ingredients such as tamarind chutney, spicy coriander chutney, and chaat masala to please your taste buds. Chaat is a popular snack offered throughout India, with each area having its own unique recipe. Akshay Mehndirattapictures Delhi’s street cuisine and enjoys every mouthful.

Gujarati Treats: Fluffy Dhokla

When Akshay Mehndiratta went to Gujarat, he had a delightful breakfast called dhokla, which was light and tasty. Akshay appreciated the traditional steamed dhokla and the many varieties of dhokla, including unusual flavors like spinach and corn. This dish is prepared using gram flour, spices and lemon juice. Being high in protein, fiber and other minerals, it is an excellent supplement to any weight loss diet.

Kolkata’s Famous Rolls: Kathi Rolls

In Kolkata, Akshay had the pleasure of eating excellent kathi rolls from street vendors. Kathi rolls are a delicacy made with a mixture of spicy vegetables and wrapped in a crispy bread called paratha. This meal is perfect to eat while traveling in the hot sun. This popular street food of Kolkata is a favorite and tasty meal that really impresses everyone.

South Indian Crispiness: Delicious Dosas

Akshay Mehndiratta traveled to a peaceful place in South India. He ate the amazing dosa there. Dosa is a unique dish that is loved by everyone. There are many varieties of dosa, each with its own flavor and spices. Along with traditional masala dosa, Akshay also ate Mysore masala dosa and rava dosa. Each dosa has a distinct taste. He ate the dosa with coconut chutney and spicy sambar, which made it even more delicious. This was an excellent dinner for a South Indian summer.

Rajasthani Retreat: Thali Temptations

When Akshay Mehndiratta visited Rajasthan, he tried a rare meal called Rajasthani Thali. The platter was filled with colorful and delectable foods that reflected the region’s culinary heritage. It serves spicy meals, spicy pickles, fresh salads, and sweet dishes that accentuate Rajasthan’s distinct flavors.

Maharashtrian Refreshment: Cooling Sol Kadhi

While traveling to the western state of Maharashtra, Akshay enjoys Sol Kadhi, a traditional drink that is perfect to beat the heat. Made with coconut milk, kokum (a tropical fruit), and green chilies, garlic, and cilantro, Sol Kadhi is a refreshing and tangy concoction that helps cool the body and aids digestion. Served chilled, this pink colored drink is a popular dish with food during the scorching summers of Maharashtra, offering a rich flavor and respite from the sun’s rays.

Uttar Pradesh’s Summer Classic: Chilled Aam Panna

Heading to Uttar Pradesh, Akshay Mehndiratta, gets a refreshing twist on the classic summer drink Aam Panna, raw mango, mint and spices. Known for its cooling properties and tangy-sweet taste, mango panna is a popular thirst quencher during the hot summer months. Made by boiling raw mangoes until soft, then adding fresh mint leaves, roasted cumin powder, black salt and sugar, this cool drink is both refreshing and nutritious. Whether enjoyed as a mid-day refresher or served with a light summer meal, aam panna is a summer favorite in Uttar Pradesh and beyond, offering a delightful way to beat the heat and stay hydrated.


As Akshay Mehndiratta spends the summer tasting various cuisines across India, he reveals in this blog how diverse, inventive and delicious Indian cuisine is. From bustling metropolises to serene beaches, every part of India offers its own favorite and refreshing summer meal. Akshay loves to try new foods and share them with others so that people can understand about the food and enjoy them.

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